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Should I Outsource My E-mail Marketing Operations?


Bill Dunn
11 Months Ago

As marketing professionals, we all have a desire to make sure every component of our vision is executed correctly. This means customer journey definition, messaging at each step, branding, visual execution, text/content creation, and the right triggers (page views, abandoned cart, propensity score, etc.).  As marketing software (automation) and delivery choices (social media, email, SMS, on web page, traditional media, etc.) have increased exponentially it has become more difficult for any marketing team, not to mention an individual, to be a master of everything.  But where to focus?

Internal Marketing Teams vs. Technical Teams

I would argue that there are critical elements of marketing that are often best handled by subject matter experts in the business, while other functions can be handled better by subject matter experts in the technologies. Internal marketing teams typically have a much better handle on the nuances of the customer journey, the desired brand messaging, and the different customer personas because they are immersed in those reviews and discussions on a daily basis. Since internal teams have day to day access to sales, product management, and senior leadership, plus also have committed full time to their company it is not unexpected that they would command the best information on overall marketing strategy.

On the flip side, the constantly evolving nature of marketing automation software means that a team with a technical background, not to mention marketing data science, and digital advertising skills, is needed to fully take advantage of the capabilities afforded by the latest technologies. Dunn Solutions is perfectly suited to be that resource and your partner in executing marketing initiatives.

Outsourcing Your Marketing Tech

Outsourcing your marketing tech to Dunn Solutions doesn’t mean losing control of the most important decisions – branding, messaging, and customer journey. Rather it allows the marketing team to focus on marketing – and let our professional marketing automation experts and data team focus on enabling the vision through technology. Rather than struggling with data aggregation, scoring, e-commerce platform connectivity, and complex marketing tools the focus for the internal team can be on the business side – knowing all will be executed correctly from an operations point of view.
To key to getting everything you need accomplished done is to leverage partners where you can. Dunn Solutions, with its’ team of marketing analytics data scientists, system integrators, and marketing automation professionals – is ready to be your partner so that your internal marketing teams can focus on the business, not technology. 
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